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I  act  and love to create  Photos. In Bogotá I have  both advertising art  as well as  Acting and  had  in Berlin from 2003 on every now and then  lucky opportunity  that  to connect one to the other.  

As a graphic designer I worked in the fashion industry, advertising branch and also as a freelance illustrator. I grind with pleasure, passion and express my own fascination with life and art.  


I am a certified publicist (advertising specialist) with  Specialization in  more visual  University communication  "Jorge Tadeo Lozano (2000)  in Bogotá ”.  

My  Graphic art is  largely  from advertising art, theater, pop art,  more social  Criticism, anime art, fashion and comic drawings.  I am happy,  if you like it.  


Have fun and thank you for your attention. 

Zulma Angélica

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