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Acting age: 30-40

Size: 1, 63 cm

Hair: brown / blonde         

Eyes: brown green         



Mother tongue: Spanish 

Other languages: German and English

Basic knowledge: French and Italian  



Yoga, swimming, volleyball, soccer, cycling, inline skating.

Salsa, merengue, club, contemporary dance, belly dance.


Dance styles

Salsa, merengue, club, contemporary dance, belly dance.


It went

Voice range:  Mezzo-soprano

Singer and lyricist for the music duo Buyalacua .


Theater (selection)

2017/2018 La paz por dentro la paz por fuera

Role: Cuentera; Director:  Rosmery Schoemborn


2009/2010 plastic

Role: Violette Director: Rosmery Schoemborn


2007/2009 The invisible

Role: Emilia; Director: Mario Vásquez


2008 departure

Role: Demetria, Director: María José Rebolledo


2006 part one

Role: Catalina, Director: María José Rebolledo


2005 IDA

Role: Rígel Eugenia, Director: María Lenci


2005 Of dying and being born

Role: Juglarina, Director: Oscar Manuel Zuluaga


2004 Sweeping the yard.

Role: Eulalia, directed by María Lenci


2001 Fin del Milenio

Role: La Recicladora, Director: Jaurez Naranjo


1997 Que Viva la Música

Role: La Mona, Director: Alexis Rodriguez


Film (selection)

2015 Berlin Recall: Indian summer of a golden time, short film

Leading role: Louise, directed by Nicolas Dusollier, BIND


2012 Trainman, short film

Main role:  Marcela Lucia Luengo, director:  Steffen Juergens


2010 remaining vacation, feature film

Role: Roberta, Director: Gregor Schnitzler, Deutsche Columbia Pictures


2009 Jerry Cotton, feature film

Role: Mr. Highs Secretary, Director: Cyrill Boss & Phillip Sennert, Rat Pack Filmproducktion


2007 Luckily you don't love me, short film

Leading role: Lanina,  Director:  Moritz Richard


2007 Short film by those who can't get around the corner

Role: The unfaithful woman, director: Alexandra Rother


2006 Music Effects Mood, short film

Main role: woman, director: Alexandra Rother


Television (selection)

2009 Help Me Series

Leading role: Isabela Reyes, director: Uwe Hahn


2009 Soko Wismar, series

Role: Dana Niculae, director: Peter Altmann


2007 Crazy About Clara, Telenovela

Role: editorial staff director: Sven Bohse


2005 Police Call 110, series

Role: Caroline, Director: Christine Hartmann


2005 Lenßen and Partner, series

Leading role: Consuela Moral, directed by Andy Klein and others


2003 Historias de Hombres, series

Role: Melanie Cohen, Director: Jaime Escallón


2003 Unidad Investigativa, series

Role: La Caderona, Director: Lilo Villaplana


2002 Padres e Hijos, series

Role: Sister Margarita, Director: Roberto Reyes


2002 Isabel me la veló, telenovela

Role: News presenter, Director: Tony Navia


2001 Los Otros y Nosotros, series

Role: Paula, Director: John Bolivar


Moderation / dubbing / radio play (selection)

2015 Better Save Soil, animated film 

Synopsis (Spanish), director:  Uli Henrik Linienbach  


2013  The Bridge America, USA TV series

Voice actor (German),  Cinephon Studio 5


2010 RadioTransalántico

Radio presenter (German), House of World Cultures


2003 Mundo cartoon, 

TV presenter (Spanish), Señal Colombia.


2002 La hora del gallo

Radio presenter (Spanish), Radioactiva Colombia.



2000 - 2002 acting classes: Compañía Nacional de Teatro, Colombia.

1995 - 2000 studies to become a certified publicist (advertising specialist) Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Colombia


Advanced training

2015 Good voice, Sonja Staresina, VHS Berlin

2010 Acting training (English), Karen Cifarelli, Actors Space Berlin

2010 movement training for actors, Tony de Maeyer and others, Mime Centrum Berlin

2009 Musical elements for actors, Dietrich Bartsch, German Institute for Improvisation

2008 Empower Yourself, Petra Gallasch, The Studio, int. Film Actors Training

2008 Seminar "Cinema and Reality", Victor Gaviria, Cineclub El Muro Bogotá

2008 singing lessons, Leoni Grüner, Berlin 

2008 singing lessons, Marco Giraldo, Bogotá.

2004 The visionary theater space, César Brie, University of the Arts, Berlin

1999-2000 specialization in  Visual communication, Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano


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