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Libromanas is a new literature and history channel in spanish with subtitles in spanish as well  for those of you who have it difficult to hear us or learn or speak spanish as second language and want a better comprehension of the contents.

We go from history to books and to books from history in an easy to connect way, guided by "Bibi" and myself.

How it began

At the end of february 2022 I wanted to upload a video about a book I was impressed from: Caracas muerde from Hector Torres.  I had done such videos for my instagram channel @zulmangelica but this time i uploaded this video to my personal and mostly inactive YouTube channel named like me.

About a week later I uploaded the second video about another great book: Laurent Binet´s HHhH. About the ocupation of the nazis to Prague during the second world war and the "Operation Anthropoid".

One video later, as I was writing about christians during the second world war, my channel partner suddenly appeared and stayed until today for all the following videos. Let me introduce you to Bibi Otecaria de la Parra.  A pasionate librarian from Spain, in Libromanas third video: Christianism during nazi Germany.

Since we were already two and the channel was about books, texts and history i decided to change the name of the channel from "Zulma Angelica" to "Libromanas" that means "Bookmaniacs" or "Booksisters" if you leave the accent away (what we do). And since then, we´ve kept on talking every two weeks about war, love, religion, kings, queens, miserable and blessed characters and people in the classic and contemporary history and literature.


These are some of the Libromanas videos so far. You can see all of them, longs and shorts, by clickling on or on top of these page.



You´re welcome to enjoy Libromanas videos and if your spanish is still not quite so good here´s a good chance to improve it, because all of our videos have subtitles in spanish.

If you are interested in channel colaborations or if you casually happen to be a translator (spanish to english or to german) looking for a meaningfull project to practice your skills , please do contact us! we´ll be happy to hear about you. 

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Thank you!

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